Joma_scarpe Joma Soccer Shoes Artificial Grass Aguila AGUIS_906 Black-RED

: Joma_scarpe Joma Soccer Shoes Artificial Grass Aguila AGUIS_906 Black-RED : Clothing. Upper made from Joma's exclusive FiberTec synthetic leather 。 Molded PU multi-stud outsole 。 Joma's AG outsole is the prefect blend for all firm ground and artificial grass surfaces 。 The Aguila AG is the prefect mix of great value, performance and comfort. The unique multi-stud outsole is perfect for today's game. The studs are long enough for great traction and stability on firm ground but will also provide excellent performance on artificial grass. Upper is made from 's high quality FiberTec with a molded PU outsole for durability and comfort. Classic cut boot made with the latest generation materials. Classic football with the technology of tomorrow. Cut made in FIBERTEC of high quality. Nylon interior with tensile strength. With ONE PIECE technology, sewn in one piece, without seams, facilitating the adaptation to the foot and avoiding the increase of weight. It incorporates M COUNTER technology which is a buttress in the heel that provides greater protection and comfort thanks to its ergonomic shape. Piece made of PVC and Foam. Palmilla made of texon and PVC material up to the central area to keep the stud structure firm. Smooth EVA insole to help cushion absorbing the impact of the tread. Multitaco Sole 09 Mate. Composed of 4 fine blocks placed according to the biomechanics of foot tread, joined by a structure that reinforces them. The last is rounded to integrate into the system 60 degrees that makes the inner cavity of the boot is equal to the anatomy of the foot.。

Joma/_scarpe Joma Soccer Shoes Artificial Grass Aguila AGUIS/_906 Black-RED